LDM Wasp Extruder XL

LDM Wasp Extruder XL

€990,00 ( IVA esclusa / VAT excluded)

WASP creates a new extruder to print in 3D the toughest dense ceramic fluid materials in faster times: WASP Extruder XL (liquid deposition modeling)

– degasser extruder, avoids air bubbles in the mixture
– extrusion control with the possibility of retraction
– high torque motor for printing hard doughs
– nozzles up to 8mm in diameter


Product Description

Liquid deposition modeling (LDM) WASP Extruder XL the new extruder for ceramic for the Delta WASP 40100 Clay that allows fast, accurate, large and hard dough prints. WASP has always focused its work on the development of 3D printing systems that allow the use of dense fluid materials.

After developing the first flow control extruder (LDM wasp estruder) WASP presents an extruder with superior quality.

A high torque motor enables the printing of harder mixtures and therefore faster prints by taking advantage of the entire printing volume of the  Delta WASP 40100 Clay.

With the extruder are supplied the connecting tube from an extruder cap, a conical plastic nozzle and four stainless steel nozzles with different diameters: 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm.

LDM WASP extruder XL is only compatible with Delta WASP 40100 Clay.

With this technology it is possible to precisely manage the flow of the output material until the use of the retraction to stop the deposition.


Extruder with screw control
High torque stepper motor
Stainless steel nozzle diameter 2mm-4mm-6mm-8mm
Plastic conical nozzle
Connecting pipe inner diameter 20mm