DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial
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DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial

The large professional 3d printer.

With its huge closed work area and the multi-tool system Delta WASP 3MT Industrial leads to a new standard in the world of manufacturing.

A series of incredible tools in a 3-meters-high printer. All you need from 3D technology to turn your ideas into products.

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With its huge closed work area and the multi-tool system Delta WASP 3MT Industrial leads to a new standard in the world of manufacturing.

It’s the industrial interpretation of the DeltaWASP 3MT, with an acoustic and thermal insulated room. Its metallic body is completely closed in order to avoid any vibration during the printing process. This large professional 3D printer reaches high quality outward printings equivalent to those of little size printers but with a printing area  risen to the cube.

Delta WASP 3MT Industrial can mount a pellet extruder to print large objects with nozzles up to 3.5 mm. For the filaments it can be equipped with the Spitfire Extrusion System for Delta WASP 3MT with nozzles of 0.4; 0.7; 1.2 mm.

New features of this product:


  • Maximum Print Volume:: Ø1000 x h900 mm;
  • Close and heated printing chamber
  • Minimum layer height(*): ( 100 micron;
  • Maximum printing speed(*): 200 mm/s;
  • Maximum travel speed(*): 300 mm/s;
  • Acceleration(*): 1.000 mm/s2;
  • Maximum Temperature of the heated print bed: 100 C°;

* All speed data refers to the Spitfire Extrusion System with 1,2 mm nozzle diameter.


  • Filaments: diameter 1.75 mm
  • Pellet: Ø 2-6 mm, pellets normally used in the injection moulding industry are recommended.

Tools for the industrial version

    diameter as standard (also compatible with nozzles of 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm diameter).
  • PELLET EXTRUSION SYSTEM: 3.5 mm standard nozzle diameter.


  • Operating Systems: WIndows, Mac, Linux;
  • Simplify3D Licence Included compatible with slicing software (Cura – SLic3r);
  • File exstension: .stl, .obj, .gcode;


  • SD Card – LCD display;


  • Machine size: L215 x W235 x H305 cm;
  • Machine Weight: 250 kg;

The machine, for transport facilities, travels dismantled and is assembled at the customer’s premises by a WASP certified technician, with mandatory course.


  • Input: 220/240 V 50/60 Hz;
  • Absorbed power:
    _Extruder: 600W max / 150W mid (per circa 15′)
    _Heated platform: peak:2,2 Kw / medium consumption 1Kw max 260 C°


    • Use: 20-30 C°;
    • Warehouse: 0-30 C°;


    • Frame and cover: Aluminium, Coated iron, polycarbonate, PU;
    • Heated platform: aluminium / tempered glass;
    • Movements: industrial guides on alluminium slides;
    • STABILIZATION SYSTEM WITH THREE ARMS: To increase the printing precision.

    It allows to print a file starting from a precise height of the model to be printed, height previously selected. Read more Here >>.

    It is a system which allow users to save their print job and resume it in the case of power failure. Read more Here >>.

    INDUSTRY 4.0:CE Certification for Industrial 4.0 Subsidies

WITH PELLET EXTRUSION SYSTEM: 3 bins of 3,5 kg of PLA pellet (total 22,5kg).
WITH SPITFIRE EXTRUSION SYSTEM: 2 spools of 1 kg each (ie. PET-G)

INCLUDED packaging for national / international shipping in wooden case.

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